A Big Disappointment

Nice day out turns into photography studio....big disappointment!

Page 108- Olly’s catchphrase throughout all we did in India in the first year – ‘it’s a big disappointment’- is now said with empathy, affinity and a wry smile, rather than in abject misery

Olly’s version: having been promised the likes of elephants, video games and our own lodge, it could hardly have been surprising that I was mildly disappointed after eight years nothing had come to fruition other than being shipped off to boarding school 36 hours away from my parents!

I certainly created my own disappointment but that was only because I had to maintain the hope that our situation was going to change or get better- in most cases it didn’t and this lead to disappointment.

But I quickly changed my mentality and in doing so aligned myself more with the Indian attitude- if it happens then it happens. Because nothing out there happens the way you plan and it’s utterly useless and detrimental to your health, to get worked up about plans going astray. Where I used find disappointment being sprung on me because I’d hoped for more, in the latter years I was almost expectant of disappointment and therefore not surprised by it. If that makes sense?

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