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Indian Christmas

Hinduism is so vast and so ‘tolerant’ that it has been kind enough to incorporate Jesus into their religion. Hindus regard him as an avatar of their own gods and others laugh that they’re merely covering their bases! There is a strong belief and many articles written suggesting that Jesus didn’t die on the cross […]

Eight years away from Hebron and not a minute apart from friends

I (Olly) returned from a Hebron School reunion on Tuesday having not visited for eight years and I could never have imagined the week I was going to have. I travelled with my girlfriend Fran who had not experienced India let alone the peculiar school environment and the odd ex Hebronites she was about to […]

Be inspired………. Interview with Geoff and Cherrie Whittle

This interview was taken from Thinking Nomads. Click here to read the article. Introduction When the going got tough, the Whittles got going…to India. Knocked sideways by recession. Geoff and Cherrie Whittle decide on a radical change of direction… and set off for India with their two children…to save the tiger! Geoff and Cherie have […]