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India…in hindsight

Reading No Worry Chicken Curry was not necessarily a book that I expected to enjoy. I appreciate how stupid that might sound considering it documents the trials and tribulations of my family’s adventure in India.  However, I expected it’d just be a repetition of events I knew very well and descriptions of locations I could […]

Rebel without a cause

Page 104: Olly on the other hand has achieved the accolade of the new pupil quickest to be threatened with suspension…he seems hell bent on expulsion Olly’s version: If they decided they were going to shove me in a ridiculously strict boarding school, thousands of miles away from my parents, I was going to make […]

A Big Disappointment

Page 108- Olly’s catchphrase throughout all we did in India in the first year – ‘it’s a big disappointment’- is now said with empathy, affinity and a wry smile, rather than in abject misery Olly’s version: having been promised the likes of elephants, video games and our own lodge, it could hardly have been surprising […]

Hebron Reunion- the London version!

Olly:I now know that if all else fails… least I’m in with a chance of being a Hebron Ambassador! Having had very little communication with old friends and certainly the school it’s odd, in my eyes probably others too, that I would attend two reunions within 3 months in India and London. Having previously attended […]

Paradise Pachmarhi

Page 81: We realise that Pachmarhi has much to offer in terms of history, location, proximity of wildlife, receptive Forest Department Director and equable climate. There are virtually no private cars on the plateau, no industry and no commerce other than Indian tourism that revolves around honeymooners and devotees of the many shrines on surrounding […]

Rickshaw Run

Here is the article I’m (Olly) getting published in the local papers to generate awareness and raise money for our trip: Crossing India in an auto rickshaw for charity. India is already an enthralling country to travel across but when a group of friends from Bournemouth decided to sign up to the ‘Rickshaw Run’, a 3000km journey […]

Good Riddance Ramnagar!

Page 53: One year after our first exploratory visit and we’re back as a family in the UP Tourism Hotel, Ramnagar. We’re all living in one dingy room, with mosquito nets rigged across the total expanse of the beds. We have an intimate knowledge of every item on the UP menu. Olly and Jamie have […]

Indian Christmas

Hinduism is so vast and so ‘tolerant’ that it has been kind enough to incorporate Jesus into their religion. Hindus regard him as an avatar of their own gods and others laugh that they’re merely covering their bases! There is a strong belief and many articles written suggesting that Jesus didn’t die on the cross […]

Eight years away from Hebron and not a minute apart from friends

I (Olly) returned from a Hebron School reunion on Tuesday having not visited for eight years and I could never have imagined the week I was going to have. I travelled with my girlfriend Fran who had not experienced India let alone the peculiar school environment and the odd ex Hebronites she was about to […]

Be inspired………. Interview with Geoff and Cherrie Whittle

This interview was taken from Thinking Nomads. Click here to read the article. Introduction When the going got tough, the Whittles got going…to India. Knocked sideways by recession. Geoff and Cherrie Whittle decide on a radical change of direction… and set off for India with their two children…to save the tiger! Geoff and Cherie have […]